About the project

Sometimes it's necessary to monitor a cell phone's activity. If you're worried about your employee using the cell phone inappropriately, then Spy To Mobile is just for you. The application allows you to intercept incoming and outgoing SMS messages remotely, get contacts list, access call history, and follow the location of the device. Be sure that it is legal in your country or state.

These are some of our customer comments:

I have quite a big successful company. I noticed that some of my employees waste the working time on other things except their job. I’ve been using the app for 1 year to monitor them. Now I can control everything. Thank you for the great app!

SpyToMobile helps me manage my business's cell phones and check if the employees use the company Internet traffic for work purposes only.

It’s a really great app. I have installed it on my cell. So I can keep all the data from my cell in my account. That's great!!

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