About the project

Sometimes it's necessary to monitor a cell phone's activity of your kids. If you're worried about your kids’ safety, that bad company tries to make them drug addicted, then Spy To Mobile is just for you. The application allows you to see incoming and outgoing SMS messages remotely, get contacts lists from your kid's phone, access call history. Using the app you can control child’s location and provide safety from bullying and dangerous companies. Be sure that it is legal in your country or state.

These are some of our customer comments:

I have two kids. I noticed that one of them skips school and comes home too late. I’ve been using the app for 1 month to monitor them. Now I can control everything and be sure the child is not in a dangerous company under a bad influence. Thank you for the great app!

SpyToMobile helps me control my parents. They are not young and need my attention and supervision. Anytime at work I can open my account, see the current location of my mom, and be sure that she won’t get lost.

It’s a really great app. I have installed it on my cell. So I can keep all the data from my cell in my account. That's great!!

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