How to monitor a cell phone

Almost everyone has a cell phone that brings a lot of services and headache at the same time. In one case you may use some advantages of it, like cell phone monitoring.

If you have employees and you are not sure that they do not cheat you, some smart applications can help you to ...

Android monitoring app

Are your employees productive? Do you know where they are during working time? Take control of what's going on with your employees with Android monitoring applications.

Sometimes for the productivity of an employee it's necessary for you to know what he is doing on Android phone right now.

Mobile SMS-reader

Got an Android phone? Want to get a mobile SMS-reading app? That's a good decision.

How to read SMS? Mobile SMS-reader software is a very popular and frequently asked question on the Internet. Some want to protect their company from dishonest employees with mobile SMS-reader and just monitor them.

Spouse cheating

Spouse cheating, spouse cheating

Adultery is a French original word, but its concept means the international spouse cheating problem. The poet said “Frailty, thy name is woman!”* and the singer sang “When I’m not near the girl I love, I love the girl I’m near?”**. Spouse cheating is a common situation, but its solution is a ...

How to understand that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Spouse cheating, spouse cheating

Unfortunately, there is a probability of cheating in any relationship. How to detect that your partner is cheating on you? In this article you can find some tips on how to bring a cheater to light.

Behavior. If you spend a lot of time as a couple, for example you have dinners ...

How to deal with a cheating partner?

Spouse cheating, spouse cheating

Losing the love of your life hurts deeply. Especially, if your relationship is damaged because of your partner who was cheating on you. How to outwear this sorrow and forgive your mate? In this article you can find some tips.

Take a deep breath, some time and ...

How to show your partner that you’re not cheating.

Today, many of us who have a partner are affraid of being cheated on. I’d even say too many people. And if a term «cheating» becomes more and more popular in a vocabulary of every modern couple, then we should know some ways on how to show your partner that you’re not cheating.

Start letting your partner know where you are frequently. A call to say you're at the cinema with a friend or you're off ...

How to recognize a cheating girlfriend.

When a man suspects his wife of infidelity but is not sure enough about it — he can't do anything. But it is difficult to live in peace, too: he is anxiously looking for signs of infidelity of his wife in everything — whether they exist or not.

If the below mentioned things are happening to you and leading you to depression, yet, you feel you are giving 100% to the relationship but it’s not going the way ...

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