Mobile SMS-reader

Got an Android phone? Want to get a mobile SMS-reading app? That's a good decision.

How to read SMS? Mobile SMS-reader software is a very popular and frequently asked question on the Internet. Some want to protect their company from dishonest employees with mobile SMS-reader and just monitor them. When family, business stability or safety are at stake, mobile SMS-reader is a very good way of finding out the truth.

Read other people's SMS messages with mobile SMS-reader software, because mobile SMS-reader is the most modern and the safest service to monitor a cell phone remotely. Install mobile SMS-reader app on the target phone, sign up, and it will invisibly run in the background and regularly transfer all SMS messages to your account. With mobile SMS-reader you can view this data on your personal computer, anywhere the world. Mobile SMS-reader software is the easiest and the most convenient way of getting SMS messages discreetly. It's a bad idea to take the cell phone from the table of a cheating employee. Mobile SMS-reader will solve all your problems connected to such a situation. Also, mobile SMS-reader program guarantees regular data delivery. Mobile SMS-reader program immediately retrieves the data to your account. Therefore, mobile SMS-reader application keeps all the data in your account even if all SMS messages have been deleted from the phone.

Our service does not offer you to read people's text messages or to use mobile SMS-reader software for illegal purposes, but offers you to think of your own and your family safety. SpyToMobile application is one of the most popular and the most effective mobile SMS-reader software. If you are really looking for an Android mobile SMS-reader app, don't hesitate! Install SpyToMobile on the Android phone you'd like to monitor.

If have any problems with our Android mobile SMS-reader app, contact us, and our tech support will quickly and professionally answer all your questions.


Eve mcIntosh 09-07-2015 04:26

Looking for info on 504-939-7725. Not even sure it is possible. From Feb2015-July 4th. Texts mainly and locations. Name on account is Brandon Baye.

Jeanne 13-07-2015 13:31

When i log in on da left side where it sayz GPS on it haz a slot that sayz a new app available in red&iz jus blinking...wat do i do

Christie Duke 25-11-2015 21:43

I tried to add a phone to my account and it said to contact tech support because the number was on another account

Crystalc 17-12-2015 08:29

I forgot my password but it says there is error in captcha

liz 07-02-2016 20:51

Can you use this on iphones

Cris 23-09-2016 16:46

Easy to locate my love ones in case of emergency

Murni 09-10-2016 05:54

Can you use this on iphones

Mayhew Watson 07-12-2016 03:12

If not tracking updated text messages and phone calls I just refilled it the other day but it's not working right I text the phone but it's not coming up my mind

Marivic 15-12-2016 16:24

I hope this app is good

David Rivera 16-12-2016 04:35

I'm not getting any new updated information it's saying the same stuff they did a week ago what is the problem

Kathryn lankford 19-12-2016 04:17

How to track my husband when he has a prison release flip phone ant the Cellular provider is verging mobile and his phone doesn't have internet access

anis 03-01-2017 16:47


amanda 07-01-2017 11:16

Looking for number 5753123928 basically amything from that number text calls pics anything plz help me

Saurabh patil 17-02-2017 11:12

Hello s2m, Gps location is not updating since 13-2-17. Why is it happening? Please see to it asap.

Chichel novie 05-03-2017 05:26

Pesan facebook

Chichel novie 05-03-2017 07:37

Pesan facebook

Saurabh patil 18-03-2017 00:25

Hello s2m, thi information is not updating afyer 14-3-16. What is the issue. 3 days r remaining for my service to renew but info is not updating. Plz help asap

Peggy sue 18-03-2017 07:04

Cant work this site

Kantidodiyat 31-03-2017 07:11


Mustafa 29-05-2017 07:43

like whatsapp spy.

user1 20-06-2017 07:07

Hi, phone spy is great. Can't find the version for iphone spy

Jeff 30-06-2017 04:55

I only just started

Bertrum 14-08-2017 04:19

I just started today

Umberto 27-09-2017 06:26

can this phone spy app show telegram

Sharon Burke 08-11-2017 18:22

Hello nothing is updating on mobile do I have to install again

Jose p 15-11-2017 06:58

Hi i can't not see most at the out goin messages i wonder why ?? I dont get most at the messages any information why??

crystal derienzo 07-01-2018 15:47

I added money into account and can only see messages from 1-2-2018 it won't update

Azamat 10-01-2018 08:26

good job

Azlan 25-01-2018 15:09

Good job

Arianna 26-01-2018 11:33


Torrance Montgomery 01-02-2018 23:26

How do you add money

NAEE 02-02-2018 16:45


driessen amber 10-02-2018 11:11

How do u add$$

masturedehghanipoor 13-02-2018 20:58

با تشکر از برنامه های خوبتون چرا فایلهای صوتی رو به صورت میکس شده با آهنگ ارسال میکنید؟

Hulk 21-02-2018 11:32

I want to see MMS data

Jessica Bennett 24-02-2018 13:41

I just now added money to my account but for whatever reason im not getting up to date data anymore

Leo 28-02-2018 08:10

Please add FB and snapchat. I really need it

cindy mccoy 25-03-2018 15:15

Need to see the messages

Sunny 27-03-2018 03:50

Password is missing forgot password 7834428 not working, plzz help me

Jaf 27-03-2018 14:55

Want to read MMS

Nadine marron 01-04-2018 18:36

Want to read my wife's text message

Fednand 04-04-2018 06:57


Michelle delos santos 06-04-2018 14:20

I want to read my partner sms. Thank you.

Andrea Gallegos 10-04-2018 03:14

How can I read my boyfriend's text

Katniss Dealer 28-04-2018 16:22

Can this app retrieve sms from the past 3 or more months & if so...does this app always include messages that have been deleted from the target phone(s?

Katniss Dealer 28-04-2018 16:24

How can I retrieve Facebook messages from the target phone(s)?

Byron Edmondson 04-05-2018 17:53

How do i get this app to work once ive created a account

Byron Edmondson 04-05-2018 17:53

How do i get this app to work once ive created a account

vAngiE 13-06-2018 04:24

What does the share botton on the right of side of Export bottom mean? Who is it sharing with and what is it sharing? SMH it doesn't explain what exactly its meant for.... someone please feel me in.... Thanks

Darb 15-07-2018 02:47

+61488643634 please help me out with whatever info u can with this and on this number please please please

Norman larue 28-07-2018 08:03

My monitoring stopped today I'm not sure why nothing changed help. Plus I never received phone or contact info it always said waiting for download

smmfh 03-08-2018 03:07

I can see all incoming text but no outgoing. How do I view them?

smmfh 03-08-2018 23:56

Anxiously waiting for a response. Please, not being able to see messages sent is a important issue for me

Norman larue 11-08-2018 13:06

I cant get call logs I installed the updated file you sent Help!!!!

Aimee 29-08-2018 18:00

Where are yoy

eric 06-10-2018 12:37

i need all the data off of it?

Christopher 16-10-2018 13:55


David Mendoza a 11-01-2019 20:30

Any secret messaging

Victoria Esparza 17-01-2019 23:13

App ran fine the past few months but now I can't see text messages or calls and the GPS isn't always reliable. I would happily keep purchasing the app but not if it's going to be so unreliable. The target phone is online too. What could b causing this??? Please help!!

Riza Cahuyong 04-02-2019 04:27

I cannot login

Adrian 07-02-2019 09:47

Big thanks to you for this app. You helped me a lot.

Rw 13-02-2019 22:41

Text msg not updating please help

Isaiah Kretzman 26-02-2019 07:19

Phone will not update

Beau 03-03-2019 23:21

Its saying no data connection ... On the phone I installed it on ... My girlfriend lives in city n it hasn't shown anything please help

John Town 05-03-2019 04:54

I can only see incoming SMS I need to read senders SMS what's the deal

Damien 18-03-2019 07:10

I can see all texts, thanks. Is it possible to see MMS?

Nemrod Hilaga 20-03-2019 21:26

I can see all massaging

Jessica 22-03-2019 22:35

It's not showing the outgoing text messages, just the incoming

Tiffany analla 14-04-2019 22:41

Want to know whoshes texting

Daren 22-04-2019 11:45

I want to read texs and wahtsapp messages from mi wife's phone. Also I want to know her location

Hether 06-05-2019 08:04

I installed the app on my husband's phone. I can see calls, texts, location, and phone book. It is great but how what to do to see whatsapp messages?

jorn Harvey 09-05-2019 02:13

Charges still pending on my card not sure why was not credited to my account.

Jamie 14-05-2019 14:35

Not showing all texts.Some of the incoming but none of the outgoing.

Brittany Sims 18-06-2019 08:00

Hey how are things going to be getting better with your phone calls tapped

Nicole 14-07-2019 04:36

I can see all of the calls and stuff but even after purchasing I can not see the outgoing messages . Plz help asap

Monica 16-07-2019 05:14

WHAT HAPPENED ?!? I HARDLY USED THE TRIAL AND THEN ITS OVER?!?! GPS didn't even work correctly..very sad

Helen 18-07-2019 07:22

Location is shown quite accurate. I noticed that I can't see drafts from my husband's phone.

Amy Wilson 21-07-2019 13:38

I'm not seeing any out going texts messages? And I can't see the texts to numbers that aren't saved in phone?

Kay 01-08-2019 22:52

Messages not updating. He’s called me twice and it said online 1 hour ago. What could be the issue?

My Baby Gurl 05-09-2019 21:19

I have no clue wish I did

Jenn 11-09-2019 13:52

Trying to get the data I keep paying for

Jannet 02-10-2019 06:08

This app is the best for hacking sms and calls. GPS location shows fine, but when the battery is low, I can't see online location

Richard Cox 10-10-2019 02:23

I accidentally deleted my account. Was working good and was getting ready to add money when the trial ended but instead accidentally deleted it some how when I wasn't paying attention!!! I was tracking an Ige LGL158VL. PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER MY. THE G.MAIL IS THE SAME AS THE ONE ABOVE AND MY PASSWORD IS "solid1"

Raquel Lima 12-10-2019 15:16

Its been since april and have not seen info that could have helpef me make choices

Anita Clio 02-12-2019 13:42

I want to read messages from my husband's phone

tafa 26-01-2020 12:04

I don't want to use it

Lynn 05-02-2020 06:31

DOSENT WORK ONLY EATS UR MONEY!!!!!! Dont waste ur money, it only pretends to work until it eats all ur cash away!

Selena 21-02-2020 18:19

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Paul 21-02-2020 22:08

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Jeanne 22-02-2020 16:22

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Mike Crane 29-02-2020 03:28

Just installed it so ill see if it works for me.

Daniel Roots 25-05-2020 10:24

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Jackson Tyrese 25-05-2020 10:26

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Geene 07-09-2020 17:25


Michelle Aaron 09-09-2020 17:08

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Jane 16-09-2020 16:06

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Shirley Wes 16-09-2020 16:07

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