How to recognize a cheating girlfriend.

When a man suspects his wife of infidelity but is not sure enough about it — he can't do anything. But it is difficult to live in peace, too: he is anxiously looking for signs of infidelity of his wife in everything — whether they exist or not.

If the below mentioned things are happening to you and leading you to depression, yet, you feel you are giving 100% to the relationship but it’s not going the way you want, you are on the right page.

Watch Out Signs:

With all her war paint on.
The first robin is the fact that she is giving a lot of sudden importance to her appearance: a bunch of beauty salons with salariums, manicure, hairdos and depilation in a row, especially if she has seldom ever done this before; new fancy clothes and what is more, new underwear!

A skeleton in her cupboard.
If you used to have an access to her accounts and could read her texts, the situation has changed now. She is hiding her emails and social network messages from you, gets a dozen of texts from "network providers" and sometimes, for some reason, even replies to them; or she is busy texting her friends late at night and after all the chats she is usually in high spirits which immediately get down as soon as she sees you. If you do dare to peek into her messages, be ready for a scene.

Busy bee.
You discover her immense love and striving for work: she is leaving early and coming home later than usual, the work extra meetings she mentions to excuse herself happen on a regular basis, or she even goes to work on the weekends. Just don't confuse that with her desire to earn money for a trip for both of you. Another excuse which takes up a lot of time is a new hobby.

Alien at home.
She's got a sudden change in the way she treats you: being unusually sweet like honey with you or, on the contrary, getting into quarrels on miscelaneous issues which are so minor that you two never even discussed them before, and an abyss of indifference slowly flows from her side.

Goldfish memory
If your wife often forgets the wedding ring at home or forgets to text or call you back, it's high time to think about this strange forgetfulness. She never complained to you of Alzheimer's disease, did she? Same goes for missing your calls because, as she says, she doesn't hear them.

Mysterious friend
She is not responding to your phone calls and text messages and declining your phone calls when away or she simply turns her phone off, saying she is at a meeting or that her battery is low; ignoring you like you don’t exist. She has met and texts a new friend—someone, called Jessica — days and nights, but she never picks up when the Jessica is calling.


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