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Aggregate cellphones data in one account
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The most important thing in our life is children. The main task of parents and relatives is to help them grow in goodness and love. We must protect them from bullying at school, protect kids from bad companies that offer them illegal substances. How many schoolchildren have suffered from this! We have the opportunity to protect your child and take everything under control. By installing the application, parents can control phone messages and calls. The program must be used for their own safety or for the safety of their children. Spy To Mobile service works worldwide.

Spy To Mobile has been developed for Android device monitoring. Using it you can read SMS messages, view call history, contacts list, get your kid’s current location or check the tracking history for today, GPS location yesterday, or any other time. Sometimes it is necessary to know where you child is and provide safety. The app uses the latest tracking technologies to get data from cell phones remotely. You just need to install Spy To Mobile on your kid’s cell phone once, and you will receive all information in your account, and will be able to check on your children remotely anytime.

Spy To Mobile can be used not only by parents to control kids and their safety. Also, the application helps to keep your family calm. You can install the SpyToMobile on your own phone and give the access to your account to your family, parents, spouse. From that moment they can check where you are, that you aren’t lost, and that nothing threatens you. Elderly parents with Alzheimer also need surveillance. All information from the cell phone is sent to your account over the Internet. If you'd like to track a cell phone in real time, be sure it has an active Internet connection. When you or your confidant sign in, all the data will be available in the account.

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